Slowing Myself Down

Anxiety is such a pain. It pushes me to do more and beats me down when I try to do too much. I loaded up my schedule so much that I couldn’t keep track of things (and certainly neglected things like this blog). I was even pushing myself too hard on the bike rides that are supposed to help me relax. So now I’m trying to slow myself down. Read more …

Thank You, Tucker Carlson, for Exposing Ignorance

Tucker Carlson recently asserted that being sexually assaulted is “the greatest thing that ever happened” to teenage boys. He further defended his statements by saying, “Notice that the breakdown is along sex lines,” with most of his criticism coming from women.

Well, Mr. Carlson, I am a man and a survivor of sexual assault. It was actually the worst thing that ever happened to me. I have met several other men just like me who rarely speak of their assaults. In fact, while they do recognize it as wrong and traumatic, they rarely call it rape. And it is rape. And it is wrong. Read more …

Frittering Away Friday

Every Friday afternoon I spend some time with a couple of hospice patients. The news came this morning that one of them has passed.

I can’t say I knew her all that well because of her advancing dementia. I did, however, have some interesting conversations with her caretakers about her. She was a remarkable woman and had spent much of her adult life caring for others. I only wish I could share her name and more of her story, but I’m just not allowed.

I will say that I am sad for those she left behind. I know she will be missed. Her last days, though, were clearly not enjoyable ones as her condition worsened and her existence became more of a struggle. So in some ways, I am happy for her and hope she is happy now wherever she may be.

Fanning the Flames

Less than seven months ago the Firecracker Foundation began with the mission, “Honoring the bravery of children who have survived sexual trauma with a community invested in the healing of their whole being.” Their initial goal was to raise enough money to provide a year of professional counseling for ten young survivors. Yesterday they began the process of hiring those professional counselors. Read more …

Francesca’s Story

My funny little Valentine

A couple of months ago I was looking for some new volunteer fun. Though I’m more of a dog person, I decided to give Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue a try. I spent my first night cleaning the quarantine room, and one new arrival immediately started pawing for my attention. This sweet, tiny little Siamese had no name then, but I knew right away she had to come home with me. Read more …

Beware the Cuteness!

So much mischief to ponder. Aren't my toes cute?

For today’s viewing enjoyment, we have yet another round of cat pictures. Francesca is 6-7 months old now and been living with me for about a month and a half. I had the whole big story just about ready to go and included in this post, but then I figured everyone would ignore it and look at the pictures. So that will wait for just a little bit. For now, I hope you enjoy these pictures of this sweet little girl.

Read more …

The Best-Laid Plans…


Bear solemnly mourns the loss of his internet hero.

Lord BearCat was informed last night that internet star Colonel Meow has passed away. Bear tried his best to write us a post for today, but the grief and depression has been too overwhelming so far. Maybe the coming days will bring us something, but we can make no promises.

I had something rolling around in my head for today. It would’ve been great if I had managed to actually write it or maybe even taken down some notes. Something! Alas, I am cursed.

But back to our feline theme for today, in just a couple of days you will get to meet our newest friend, Francesca. She’s nervous about her blog debut even though it’s only in photos, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy her as much as we have.

And if you want us to move on to some other topics, help us out. Tell us your truth. We’d love to hear it.

Getting Into the Groove

Each semester brings its own new challenge with getting into the swing of things. Add to it that I work the busy periods at a college bookstore, and that challenge becomes a bit more difficult. However, I have reached that point where the busy time has passed, and I’m getting settled into the routine of this semester. Spring brings the added bonus of that lovely week break right in the middle. That makes me happy.

Somehow we’ve stayed a little busier on the old blog this week, and Sunday will bring us another round of Quick Pics. We considered changing the name to Cat Pics because the next one will be another feline feature. But then we realized some day we might actually catch some shots of something else. Come to think of it, maybe you have some nice pictures or a tale to tell. Hit us up. Tell us your truth.

No Need to Panic

Many people have cancelled credit cards because of the security breach at Target. That measure was unnecessary as is much of the panic.

First of all, the breach only affects people who used a credit card at a Target store in the U.S. between November 27 (day before Thanksgiving) to December 15. Online customers, according to Target, were not affected. Read more …

Yes, I Have Plans… Or Something

Don’t tell anyone, but I had no plans for Thanksgiving. It wasn’t for lack of opportunity. I had numerous invitations. I turned them all down which usually led to a discussion of how I don’t want to go anywhere for the holiday. I just want to relax and be by myself. Eventually, I began to tell people that I had plans and thank you very much. Read more …

Veterans Day

Veterans Day began as Armistice Day to commemorate the end of the Great War (a.k.a. World War I) at the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. Many events are scheduled to honor veterans, but I’ve got a pretty simple plan for my day.

To begin with, the VFW issued a haircut challenge which I accepted. Of course, I went somewhat above and beyond by buzzing it off. (This will likely prove somewhat uncomfortable in this chilly November Michigan weather, but I can deal.) Maybe later today, I’ll send out a message to my brothers and sisters who helped me get home alive and safe. In the meantime, I’ll be spending much of my day the way I’ve spent every Monday recently, going to school… and loving every minute of it.

Clearing My Plate

After all those times I thought my schedule may lighten, I decided to force the matter. I loved the work I was doing, but I recently quit my job. The reasons are numerous and various, but the bottom line is I just didn’t respect the organization that was paying me. So I am once again unemployed, but now I’m going to school full-time. So I won’t make any promises on becoming a better blog editor, but chances have significantly improved. And while you’re waiting for me to get myself back in some kind of order, tell us your truth.