I’m Back!

Here I am, looking outside for northern birds and wildlife. And there's snow!

Well, it happened again. Mom brought me north! My goodness, that’s a long ride. I was definitely displeased and made my displeasure known for most of the ride up! Anyway, enough negativity. Upon arriving, Mom put me in GrandCatParents’ bedroom while she finished unpacking the vehicle. Once things were settled, it was time to let me out of my carrier. How glorious that was! Mom was worried that maybe, with my Wobbly Head Attack back in September, that I might not remember being up there in July. She needn’t have worried. I remembered where she’d placed my litter boxes before, where the screen house was, and best of all – where the stairs were! I settled in quite quickly, and spent that first night sleeping with my Mom, curled up by her feet.

Here I am, looking outside for northern birds and wildlife. And there’s snow!

The next morning, I wanted to look outside. I remembered this glorious enclosure where I could look outside at the wildlife and feel cool breezes in my hair, but now it’s winter, and that glorious enclosure has been changed a bit. The screen is now covered with something called “tarp”, which I think means “thick winter curtains.” I can no longer see outside like I could in July! I found this quite annoying, until I found that I could still see outside if I crouched down onto the floor, so that’s what I did. But wow, that cold air and snow up there is definitely not something I’m used to like when I was an outdoor-at-night cat, and I was happy to go back inside after getting my fill of the outdoor sniffs. But it always feels good to be outside every morning. Freshens up my hair for the day.

I don’t really have a list of 10 new things I did. My days were spent looking outside at the snow from my perch on the top of the couch, roaming the place, running up and down those glorious stairs, cuddling with my humans, jumping up on the kitchen table, inspecting the “fireplace” (I think that means “heater for cat beds”, but I didn’t see a cat bed anywhere!), roaming on top of cabinets, and sleeping with my Mom at night.

Wait. I have three new things to report. For one, my mom switched my dry food brand. I’d been a Blue cat until my head went wobbly, then I stopped eating dry food. My mom found one dry brand I liked, but I still wouldn’t eat my regular dry food (and she was unhappy with the dry food brand I was eating). Well, Mom found a free sample of some Rocky Mountain-themed food at this local pet store with a funny name….Mares and Oats? Wait! Mom just told me it’s called “Mares-z-Doats.” What a funny name. Anyway, Mom opened up this free sample on Thanksgiving, and gave me a few pieces. I inhaled them, and begged for more. And more. And more. Mom didn’t want to feed me the whole bag at once, so she put the bag away, but later on in the vacation she bought me an entire big bag of this food! And I like it mixed with my Blue food, so I’ll be getting both dry foods now. The two different kinds taste great together.

Another thing – I started drinking water again. Before heading north, Mom bought me a water fountain. I hadn’t really drank water since my head went wobbly, so Mom thought maybe, just maybe, I’d become interested in water again if the water was actually doing something other than just sitting in my bowl. Well, now Mom’s kicking herself for not considering getting me a fountain before, because I am definitely drinking my fill of water now.

Also! Since Thanksgiving dinner includes turkey, and I don’t like turkey, I’d requested beef or chicken sometime while I was up there. Well, CatGram cooked me up a little slice of roast beef in my own little roasting packet. I really liked the gravy, and I ate all that up first, which…didn’t leave me anything to soak the roast in while I ate it. I tried to coat the roast in my regular food, but it didn’t taste right, so I didn’t eat much of it…but I sure appreciated the gift!

And now I’m back here. Apparently I’ll be heading back north again next Friday (how long is that from today?) for what Mom keeps saying is Eight. Whole. Days. I can hardly wait! I hear there will be lots of snuggle time, and lots of food, and lots of card games I can interrupt by jumping on the table and laying on the cards. And lots of time to attack my toys. I show more and more of my true personality when I’m up there, so I hope my GrandCatParents are ready for some fun! And I hear they will have a big Christmas tree, and someone named “Santa Paws” places lots of gifts under said tree if I’ve been a good kitty.

I’ve been a good kitty. I’ve been an excellent kitty. I can’t wait.

Oh, one more thing. The day I left, CatGram saw me hunkered down on the floor and commented that I have something called a “back porch.” She kinda made it sound like this “back porch” I have is big? Is a “back porch” something like a “screen house”, but where it’s open, not enclosed? If so, then I want the biggest one of all! No back porch could ever be too big!

Okay, I gotta go. Gotta rest up for my next trip north!

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  1. Missy Rogers says:

    :grin: A very happy trip report!

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