Tuesday 10 – Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge

So, as a joke (because I don’t really watch sports as a hobby, it’s more of an excuse to lounge around and eat pizza), I filled out the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge on Yahoo! recently. A coworker and I were discussing what we would do if we won (we both got booted out on the first day – Dayton?!). Well, here’s 10 things that I would do:

1. Pay off my student loans. I owe roughly $73,000 for my biggest regret (not joining the Air Force and, instead, pursuing the joke of higher education). This bill would be paid off first.

2. Move. Oh yeah, I’d be out of here. In a heartbeat, and with no forewarning. This town is…boring at best, pathetic at worst. Where I’d move, I don’t know. I have a slew of friends in Texas, but that’s too warm for me, so maybe Alaska (isolated). Or Denver (I do miss it so). Or Toronto (another city I miss). Or, since I wouldn’t have to worry about work, I might even move back to my hometown while my parents are still alive. Although, that town does need a real bookstore…and I could open one.

3. Travel. Iceland and Greenland would be up first. Then India/Thailand/Vietnam. Then Poland/Germany (concentration camps). Then…Antarctica. Then…wherever.

4. Invest. Oh yeah. Why not? Keep the money rolling in. I’d need a financial adviser, though, since…I know nothing of investing. You have to actually have money to invest. See #1 where that mistake lay.

5. Donate. Name a pro-choice organization; chances are, they’d be getting some money (I have 3 main ones in mind). And so would my favorite local cat shelter.

6. Friend Gathering. Speaking of those friends in Texas, I would get everyone (including those who aren’t in Texas, if you’re reading this, you know I’m talking about you!) together in one location for at least a week. At least.

7. Buy my Dad a new truck. My Dad has this 1988? 87? Ford F250 that needs serious work. I’d fix him up with something awesome so he could tow his boat to Lake Superior without worrying about parts falling off.

8. House. Oh, I’d find something cool. At least three bedrooms, at least two stories, historic but modified, large patio for grilling and bird-watching, large backyard ending in trees, no neighbors, something where I could be nice and isolated. Paradise.

9. Visit friends I’ve known in person or online for years. There are a few – so I guess I’d be going to Missouri and Arizona for a bit…

10. Relax and enjoy that now I don’t have to work, my debt is paid off, and I don’t have to deal with people unless I want to. =)

Well, it was a good dream while it lasted….*sigh*


  1. Missy Rogers says:

    A fantastic list! :grin: I hope you win just so I can see you do all of these things!

    • RunningYooper says:

      Well, it was fun while it lasted. A lot of us got booted after the Ohio State/Dayton game.

      Sometimes, it’s fun to dream, though. =)

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